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When you first call, I'll ask you some general questions about your situation. Once we schedule an appointment, your first session will take about 90 minutes so that I can understand more about the big picture of your life. I'll help you understand about confidentiality and about the limits of confidentiality, will go over the policies of my practice and answer your questions as best as I can. I'll curiously listen to your story and will ask you more specific questions to better understand your situation. Some of the questions I will ask may be emotionally painful,  but please know that we don't have to tackle your most difficult issues all at once. We'll most likely spend the first three sessions developing your treatment plan and treatment goals.


Because each person's life is unique, I will try to match your treatment to your particular situation. Some people have a goal of improving coping skills to feel better, while others may want longer term support. If you are wanting to understand more about yourself and about your relationships, that may take a longer period of time. I have seen people for just a few sessions and I have seen others for almost 20 years. Please know that if you are being prescribed medications, with your permission,  I am happy to work with your medical provider.

Thank you for considering me to be your therapist. I look forward to meeting you.

   What will therapy be like?
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